Folder Lock 7.8.9 Full – File and folder protection software

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Download Folder Lock Full to Protect Files, Folders, Drives with Password

Software Introduction

Folder lock 7.8.9 is software that can password-protect folders and drives, encrypting important files. Lock in seconds. Encrypt files quickly. Sync and Backup files encryption. Password Protect USB/External drive. Split and permanently delete files.


Folder Lock 7.8.9
Folder Lock 7.8.9

Folder Lock 7.8.9 main features:

Safe Backup

Your encrypted lockers can be backed up, synchronized, and stored on a secure cloud server.

  • Backups that are encrypted from end-to-end
  • On-Demand Synchronization & Restore
  • Backup automatically when modified

Folder Lock

Folder lock can hide and Lock files in seconds. You can Password Protect your files and folders and prevent unauthorized eyes from viewing them. After you lock a folder it will be hidden in its original location. It can only be accessed via the software interface.

Secure your files

Folder Lock creates Locker. Would you prefer to keep your files in an encrypted digital “Locker” that is safer than a bank? You can create “Lockers” protected with AES 256-bit encryption. It’s not necessary to decrypt or encrypt files to access them. Just copy them into Locker, and voilà! On the move, they are encrypted.

Safe Backup

Folder lock offers a 2-way encrypted and backup system, which allows you to save your encrypted “Locker” online. This feature lets you create a password-protected backup of your Locker so that the information is safe from prying eyes and also from damage or loss. You can recover your data if your PC has been stolen or if it is lost.

USB Protection

The Locker can be stored on removable media such as USB drives and external drives. Folder Lock will convert these Lockers into executable files, so you won’t have to install Folder Lock each time you need to access your protected files. You can also burn these files to CD/DVD or create password-protected compressed keys for email.

Download link for high speed

Folder Lock 7.8.9 Full Active


1 Install Folder lock and exit
2) Add the following 2 lines to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts (You can refer to the article How to fix errors that cannot save edits, copy to file Hosts are )
Use Windows Firewall or Windows Firewall to block software connecting to the Internet.
3) IMPORTANT. Click on the hosts file, choose Properties, then check the Read-Only box and save the file (required).
4) Open the software. Open the “key file” to obtain the key. Enter it in the software, or use keygen to generate a key.
5) Done!



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