Kutools for Word 10.0 Full Key- Microsoft Excel support tool

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Software Introduction 

Kutools for Word 10.0 reduces the amount of time required to complete daily tasks. This plugin will add a variety of tools to Word, such as renaming, duplicating, and importing titles. Word users can save time with this tool. This tool is much faster and easier than duplicate tasks that most Word users are concerned with.

Features of Kutools for Word 10.0:

  • Document photography
  • You can add materials quickly to groups of interest.
  • Rename your documents easily
  • Copy all open documents that you are working on
  • Explorer: Open the current document without searching
  • Add different bookmarks for different sections of a Word Document
  • Text ready to use can be entered in the different sections
  • Select all images, all tables, and all pages using the advanced selection.
  • Convert table captions into normal text and…
  • Add titles to tables, pages, and shapes
  • Selecting different versions of the same document in different sections
  • Advanced hyperlink management. Ability to remove only links and convert to normal text.
  • Quick Syriac in Word documents
  • Close documents in various ways. For example, you can close all or all documents except for the current document.
  • Ability to resize selected images or images within a document based on percentage.

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Kutools for Word 10.0  Full Key

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Kutools for Word 10.0


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Kutools Word 10.0 will reset the trial period

Kutools Word is a great alternative to Word when you are short on time. You can apply the patch by running it as administrator. This will reset all kutools timers


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