Open Broadcaster Software 26.1.1 – Record and Play LiveStream

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Introduction Software

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS Studio). is a Free and Open Source Software that supports video recording, LiveStream broadcasting and. Start streaming on Windows, Mac or Linux quickly and easily.

Open Broadcaster Software is a live stream that streams videos in high quality on Facebook and Youtube.

Open Broadcaster Software OBS Studio includes both OBS 64bit and OBS32bit versions

Open Broadcaster software


Broadcaster software ( OBS Studio ) Features

  • Real-time recording and mixing of video and audio in high performance. Create a scene from multiple sources, including window captures and images, text, webcams and browser windows.
  • You can create an unlimited number scenes and switch between them continuously using custom transitions.
  • Audio mixer intuitive with filters per source such as noise gate and gain. VST plugins support for full control.
  • Configuration options that are easy to use and powerful. Add new sources, duplicate existing ones, and modify their properties easily.
  • The simplified Settings panel provides you with a wide range of configuration options for tweaking every aspect of your recording or broadcast.
  • You can rearrange your Docks however you like. Docks can be popped into their own windows.

Download link for high-speed files from the home page

OBS Studio 64bit/32bit Full


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